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junior achievement

Junior Achievement is a fun national project that brings parent volunteers into the classroom to present five grade-level appropriate lessons focusing on business and economics. Junior Achievement provides the lesson plans and all of the needed materials.

Junior Achievement has recently become a requirement for students, as part of their career readiness education. Therefore, the goal is for all volunteers to present Junior Achievement during the months of February - April, with a goal of completing by April 30. This allows school administrators sufficient time to process the necessary paperwork associated with JA. As always, volunteers will present the lessons as it fits into both the volunteer's and the teacher's schedules.

One parent volunteer is needed for each classroom.

What does a JA Volunteer do?

Each JA volunteer is given a bag containing 5 complete lesson plans and all of the materials needed to support each lesson. The JA volunteer works with the classroom teacher to select 5 different days to come into school and teach one of the 45-minute lesson to the students. Each lesson has already been designed and documented in the Lesson Book that you will get in your JA bag. All you need to do is review the lesson plan ahead of time, and present it to the class. The lesson plan is different for each Grade to make them age-appropriate, but they all contain fun activities and games that help explain the concepts of money, jobs, taxes, credit, etc to the students in a  FUN way!

JA bags

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